Monday, November 9, 2009

Round Table Writing

Round Table Writing
By Trevor and Sammy

On October 7, 2009, Mrs. Walker separated our class into groups of four. We pushed our desks together to make a square. Mrs. Walker gave each of us a starting sentence and for 8-10 minute intervals, we took turns adding on to our groups’ stories. Some were insanely hilarious, while others were just plain weird!

Brinnley says, “It was, um, well, let’s just say some people can really mess up a good story. (Trevor).” Six out of seven surveyed students liked the Round Table Writing.

An example of the writing we created is: “There is a plastic bag full of papers in front of my dresser, pink and sparkly of course. I walk towards it and then, all of a sudden, my sister jumped out in front of me. ‘Let me through!’ I demanded. My sister just stood there. I took a step forward, but immediately stopped. My sister had a lighter! She took a tank of propane and threw it at me. She snuck into her hidden stash of weapons and pulled out a flamethrower and some gasoline. As I lay on the floor trying to get the propane off, she is covering the room with gasoline. She points the flamethrower directly at me and just in time, before she fires, I jump out the 2-story window. When I look back there is a huge explosion, and my bedroom is on fire.”

Apparently, this Round Table Writing assignment was enjoyed
by most of Mrs. Walker’s class.

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