Monday, November 9, 2009

Yellow Star

Yellow Star

Throughout the first quarter, the students of Mrs. Walker’s class worked on Yellow Star. Yellow Star is a series of free verse poems about a young girl, Syvia, who endured life in the Lodz Ghetto. As you may have guessed, this story takes place during the tragic Holocaust.
We read a small, printed section of the book, and then answered a few questions about what we read. When the first packet was given, each student anxiously awaited the next part of the story. It was so intriguing; we couldn’t wait to read what was happening next. Brinnley said, “I must confess, I was not happy with Mrs. Walker for not letting me go on and read the rest.

When asked what they thought about reading Yellow Star, Andre said, “It was shocking”. Jorge simply said, “It was real good.”

Like with all things, there was opposing opinions. Lorenzo, for example, enjoyed it, but said, “Behind the Bedroom Wall was better.”

Reading Yellow Star helped us to better understand what life was like for Jews in Ghettos during the Holocaust, how they endured, what they suffered. Hanna stated, “It was cool to be able to read both Behind the Bedroom Wall and Yellow Star so we could see both sides of WWII.

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